Charging Locker

Versatile cell phone charging locker

  • Light weight and portable
  • Requires minimum floor space
  • Easy to install and maintain



Secure your phone and charge it while you are away

Forgot your charger? Try our new cell phone charging locker system. This new locker service allows you to securely store your phone while it is charging. Charging cords accommodate all types of iPhones, iPads and micro USB devices. Lockers are equipped with rapid charging technology allowing the devices to charge faster than a regular outlet.


Call for more info. 1-800-838-1176 (toll-free)
Not sure which product is for you?

Give us a call 1-800-838-1176 (toll-free)

What types of payment options are available?
Payment option is credit card only.
How many phones can charge at one time?
12 phones can be charged simultaneously.
What types of requirements are there for installation?
Installation requires an 110v outlet.