• A totally wireless self-standing device
  • Non-stop customer satisfaction reporting
  • E-mail and Internet-based reporting service
  • Track overall trends, spot fluctuations, execute corrective actions or praise


The solution for continuous customer satisfaction improvement

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. A HappyOrNot feedback device lets clients evaluate their service by pressing the smile satisfaction buttons. Feedback is quick, effortless and fun.  The results are wirelessly transmitted and customer feedback reports are generated and electronically stored and distributed. Continuous feedback helps businesses and employees strive to maintain a high level of service and customer satisfaction.


Power 3 LR10 1.5V Batteries (D size)
Construction Robust design, steel stand
Weight 30 lbs. (14kg)
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What question is asked?
You may craft the question we can advise you on.
How do you receive the reports?
Data is sent wirelessly, collated, and emailed in graphic presentation.
How many people typically respond?
Capture rate is 30-60% compared to 4% on a traditional survey.