Smarte Carte – Official U.S. Reseller of HappyOrNot® Customer Feedback Devices

Smarte Carte Partners with Luxury Life Brands, LLC As Official US Reseller of HappyOrNot® Customer Feedback Devices

Smarte Carte is pleased to announce its partnership with HappyOrNot® and Luxury Life Brands, LLC as the official U.S. reseller of HappyOrNot® customer feedback devices.

In early 2014 Smarte Carte joined with Roy Perlmuter of Luxury Life Brands of Toronto to form a partnership for the exclusive sale and distribution of HappyOrNot® within the U.S. The partnership gave Smarte Carte the opportunity to offer to the devices to its existing customer base and introduce the product to many potential new markets.

HappyOrNot® provides customer feedback that is effortless and fun by pressing smile satisfaction buttons placed on the front of the device. The units are essentially maintenance-free and completely wireless, so they can be placed in almost any location.

There are several benefits to utilizing HappyOrNot® as a customer feedback tool. The cost is far lower than almost all types of survey tools, it provides 24/7 results, the web-based reporting tool is always accessible through any device that has an internet connection and it tracks trends and fluctuations so managers can execute employee coaching or recognition.

In April 2014, Susan Larson joined Smarte Carte’s Business Development team to represent the HappyOrNot® product.  If you would like more information on HappyOrNot®, please contact Susan at