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Your Ultimate Feedback Solution

Turn customer feedback into a measurable KPI

Capture maximum feedback

Feedback collecting Smiley Touch™ and Smiley Terminal™ capture CX with ease. Delivered to your stores and ready in minutes.

Instant CX insights and results

Real-time performance data at your fingertips via the online dashboard, mobile app, and automated email reports.

24/7 support and care

Dedicated Customer Success and Customer Care teams will support you to get the most out of the CX insights and lead you to success.

Drive customer loyalty

Share results with your customers to strengthen your brand, grow your business, and get recognized for delivering great CX.

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Smiley Terminal™ - collect maximum feedback in high traffic areas

Smiley Touch™ - discover the root cause of your customers' dissatisfaction

Smiley Wall™ - Precision placement

Web Smileys™ - cover your online services and user experience