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The form below is a fast and easy way to order replacement parts for your Kiddie Kruzzer® strollers. If you don’t see the part you need, are interested in additional information, or would like to talk to our Customer Service Representative please give us a call at 651-653-3024.

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QuantityPart #Description
120182Caster-4" Kit with brake and stop nut - Nest Stack Collection
120183Caster-4" Front Wheel Kit without brake for Kiddie Kruzzers
120166Rear One Wheel Kit 10" for Kiddie Kruzzers/Nest Stack

Mesh Bags

QuantityPart #Description
120361Mesh bag for strollers Non-logo - Minimum of 3
121646Kiddie Kruzzer - Mesh Bag with One Color Logo - Minimum 4
120664Front & Rear Mesh combo bag for Flip N Shop Non-Logo
120705Push pins for mesh bags (2 needed per bag)

Warning Labels

QuantityPart #Description
120257Warning Label with height limit for all strollers (36")
120258Ghost Buster Symbol Decal (Do not take on escalators)


QuantityPart #Description
120275Touch up paint Blue 12 ounce can
120276Touch up paint Green 12 ounce can
120277Touch up paint Red 12 ounce can
120278Touch up paint Black 12 ounce can
120495Shell cleaner/polish 8 ounce bottle
120496Shell scratch solution 8 ounce bottle
120500Heavy Duty Scratch Remover 8 ounce bottle

Security Poles

QuantityPart #Description
120124Security pole kit (includes all hardware) 68"

Steering Wheels

QuantityPart #Description
120127Steering Wheel Kit (No Brackets)
120126Steering Wheel Bracket Kit (Bracket/Hardware) - No Steering Wheel

Anti-Tip Bracket

QuantityPart #Description
120113Anti Tip Bracket (2 are needed per stroller)

Seats and Belts

QuantityPart #Description
120228Infant Seat Belt - Black
120223Infant Seat Push Pins
120233Infant Seat Pad - Gray
120215Toddler Seat Belt - Black
120216Ring for Seat Belts Part # 120215
120218Toddler Seat - Black - Nest Stack Collection
120220Toddler Seat, Black Seat notched - Belt, Ring & Waning Decal - Kiddie Kruzzers

Complete Decal Replacement Sets

QuantityPart #Description
120533Red Rover
120470Stroll A Saurus
120553Kiddie Racer
120550Lady Bug
120551Kookie the Kow
120526 & 120533Kozy Kab (Uses 120533 + 120526)
120382 & 120533Police Kruzzer (Uses 120533 + 120382)
120557 & 120533Little Chief (Uses 120533 + 120557)
120559 & 120533School Bus (Uses 120533 + 120559)

Miscellaneous Decal Separates

QuantityPart #Description
120478Eyebrows only (Set of 4) (Total of 8)
120526Kozy Kab taxi sign and two checkerboard strips
120557Little Chief hook, ladder, bell, sign and dog
120477Big Mouth (set of 2)
120476Eyes and brows for all except Saurus, Kow and Lady Bug (set of 4)
120535Eyes onlly for Stroll A Saurus (set of 4)
120552Numbers Only for Kiddie Racer (set of 2)
120558Fire Chief sign
120383Flags only for Kiddie Racer (4 per sheet)
120479Noses only (15 noses per sheet)

Vending Stroller Parts

QuantityPart #Description
120792Wheel Extension Kit for Vend A Kruzzer Strollers (Escalator Req.)
121697V-Striker Arm Assembly (Stroller connection to Port)


QuantityPart #Description
120527Dashboard and Armrest Reinforcement For Kiddie Kruzzers
120534Cupholders for Kiddie Kruzzers

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